About Ark Ideas
Our company, core values, & team
Ark Ideas has spent over 20 years helping retail businesses thrive.

Our expertise is rooted within the competitive and fast-paced world of wireless, where we’ve served as software developers, trusted advisors, and more for our clients and partners.

This experience has allowed us to develop innovative software solutions for retail brands seeking growth and increased profitability.

In recent years, we’ve narrowed our focus to software and consulting in an effort to perfect our approach to solving retailers' operational challenges through creative, technical solutions.

Our Core Values & Approach

Through the years, we’ve identified key characteristics that define and differentiate the Ark Ideas approach. These factors have evolved into our company’s core values. We look to these core values to influence our work

Curiosity & Innovation
Develop a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and deliver creative solutions.
Constantly seek elegant technical solutions for our clients.
Bring our best
Deliver work we’re genuinely excited about and proud to produce.
Ownership & Responsibility
Hold our work to the highest of standards.
Uplift and support each other professionally and personally.
Foster Connections
Build strong relationships with our clients, team, and partners, supporting growth each step of the way.

When working with Ark Ideas, you'll get a hands-on approach to identifying and removing your operational and/or technical roadblocks. We are problem solvers that view your challenges as opportunities to innovate.

What’s holding you back?
Let’s talk about it.

Our team is a hard-working, and highly collaborative group that is excited and energized by new challenges. We remain tightly-knit despite working from locations up and down the East coast, and all share an appreciation for the unique perspective each of us brings to our work.

Noah Krug
CEO & Co-Founder
Philadelphia, PA

Noah has dedicated the past two decades to helping retailers drive sales to stores. His love for sales strategy, marketing, and technology is the foundation of Ark Ideas and the guiding force behind Ark’s products.

Learning retail first hand by owning a cell phone store in the early 2000s Noah, along with CTO Aaron Rubin, grew Ark Ideas to adapt to the constantly evolving world of wireless. Now, being blessed to ride the wave of wireless for over 20 years, Noah is focused on helping other retailers, their brands, and their distributors be successful in an increasingly e-commerce world.

When he’s not working, you can find Noah sailing on the Cooper River or competing in a high stakes round of mini-golf with his wife.

Aaron Rubin
CTO & Co-Founder
Baltimore, MD

Aaron has spent the last 20 years building and overseeing the technology offerings at Ark Ideas. His talent for bringing big ideas to life through technology is demonstrated through all of Ark’s products - from our first internal systems to our current SaaS products. Aaron works to stay on top of current tech trends, and prefers to utilize and contribute back to open source whenever possible.

Aaron has been friends with Noah since they were 8, and they have been working together on projects since the late 90s. Some early projects included selling custom guitars, branded condoms, and college food delivery (think waaaay before Uber Eats). No matter the challenge, Aaron enjoys finding a technical solution to overcome it.

In his time away from work, Aaron enjoys spending time with his family and 2 crazy dogs, playing racquetball, and eating good food.

Ethan Berner
Creative Director
South FL

Ethan has over 20 years experience in both digital and print media graphic design, animation, and motion graphics. He’s spent the majority of that time at Ark Ideas bringing our clients’ brands and campaigns to life across a wide variety of media outlets.

In addition to his work at Ark Ideas, Ethan has served as a project lead for a permanent VR interactive installation at the Baltimore Museum of Art. He also dabbles in interior design.

As a native of Maryland, Ethan attended high school with our CEO, Noah. He made his first mark in the design world when he secretly embedded his name in the yearbook cover he designed. Now a South Florida resident, Ethan enjoys watching his four daughters grow up and nature kayaking in the canals.

Jessica Lee Bandy
Finance Director and Chief of Staff
Philadelphia, PA

Jessica joined the Ark team in 2021, although she has been in the finance world for over a decade. In addition to crunching the numbers, she has a genuine passion for customer service, kindness, and love for others which is demonstrated in her work with our clients and the entire staff at Ark Ideas.

In her free time, you’ll find Jessica spending time with her four children and two rescue dogs, Tucker and Lola. She also loves to travel. Her favorite destinations include her remote family cabin in West Virginia and Puerto Rico.

John Bezanis
Senior Developer
Philadelphia, PA

John has been bringing Ark Ideas products to life since 2011. As Senior Developer, he brings his talent for problem solving to the table for every project that comes his way. He enjoys a collaborative, divide and conquer approach to development, and learning new tech along the way.

John reluctantly moved from Philadelphia to South Jersey, but finds himself enjoying his new locale more each day. In his spare time, you’ll find John in his garden, working on anything and everything DIY, or spending time with his family and dogs.

Dzmitry Motuz
Lead QA Analyst
South FL

Dzmitry lends his keen eye for detail to our team as lead QA Software Analyst. He is driven by his determination to deliver exceptional user experiences. This is apparent in his dedication to keeping Ark’s software products clean and efficient.

The curiosity and creativity Dzmitry uses to identify and resolve software issues carries over into his personal pursuits. He is endlessly fascinated by the mysteries of space, and also has a passion for cinema and crafting stories through film.

When he is not fine-tuning software, or immersed in the world of filmmaking, you can find Dzmitry spending quality time with his family and beloved feline companion.

Rik Morton
Sales Director
Philadelphia, PA

As Sales Director at Ark Ideas, Rik is the front line to new and existing clients. He’s great at this partly because of his British accent, but mostly because of his commitment to matching clients with the perfect Ark solutions and sticking around far beyond the sale to make sure their objectives are achieved.

Rik brings with him a wide range of experience as an Account Manager with renowned brands such as T-mobile, Bose, Jabra, Sony Mobile, and Motorola.

Born and raised in the UK, Rik owned 7 camels as a child but nowadays his preferred mode of transportation is his motorcycle. When he’s not working or motoring around the tri-state area, Rik enjoys spending time with his wife, children, and dog, Apples.

Shannon Furcht
Product Owner
Long Island, NY

Shannon has been a key member of Ark’s Leadership team since 2020. As Product Owner, she works closely with our clients and development team to ensure smooth project execution. Additionally, she skillfully connects our dev team with our other departments, enabling us to be agile and highly responsive to the changing needs of our clients.

Shannon’s background includes various product and data-related roles with retail companies including Macy’s, Five Below, and Comcast. Outside of work, she is an avid cook and loves to play with her rescue pup, Roach.

Taryn Wickel
Director of Communications and Customer Success
Philadelphia, PA

Taryn has spent over 10 years at Ark Ideas working directly with our customers to help them best utilize our tools. Her passion for customer experience is demonstrated within our training, go to market, and engagement processes. Prior to positions in communications and marketing, Taryn worked retail sales and sold everything from mattresses to major appliances.

When not at work Taryn enjoys spending time with her husband, children, and standard poodle, Franklin. She also loves public television cooking shows, traveling, and winning at Quizzo.